Questions that make you question

What: Class wide quiz
Where: Philosophy Classroom
When: Tuesday afternoon
Warnings: Nonsensical ramblings

Staring at the class with a serious tone about him, the masked instructor lets out a small sigh.
"NOW! I want you all to think on a different level than what you are used to, as this is what I'm trying to teach you. Not everything in the world makes pesos. So, let's try another."

Walking up to the board he erases the question about the volume of trees a small animal can process, and instead writes up:

If absolute power corrupts absolutely, does absolute powerlessness make you pure?

"Any takers?"
principal okada 1

(no subject)

Stacked up, teenagers chattered in two long lines that stretched out down the hall. Great curtains divided the gymnasium in two. Boys and girls went in separate entrances, saw separate doctors of their own gender. They were given quick checkups, immunizations, measurements. There was quiet encouragement for growth from friends, barbs directed at the small, the overweight, the otherwise unordinary, good natured and not so good natured competition. Boys stayed strictly on their side of the canvas, enforced by Kyoushirou Toudou who patrolled with a shinnai. When a head tried to peek under the curtain, he would strike it lightning quick, doubling the pain by bouncing the offender's face off of the floor.

Alien Party members were not finished when their regular exams were done. The girls lockers had been converted to a temporary examination room. Obscure instruments of alienology were on the benches, examination probes, x-rays, samplers. The future had finally caught up to itself in this pile. Here where futuristic implements aplenty, enough to satisfy any 20th century scifi writer.

The Party members summoned to this room would find it temporarily empty. What was going on?
the papers

Silent night, pt. 2

With the huge size of the tree, having missed the things hiding inside it may be, in retrospect, no great failing. At the moment, though, that is no great comfort to the members of the school's alien party, or, indeed, the student body in general. With a strange, eerie roar, the branches burst open.

Uh-oh. Prepared as they were for the bobbies—annoying, perhaps, but not generally that dangerous—the sudden presence of the bull-like ushigata makes the night instantly much more dangerous than it was a moment ago. Not just one or two, no—four full-grown ones. If they can't be quickly contained—and that's looking very unlikely already—they'll end up tromping all over the school grounds.

[Open to everybody! Even if your character wasn't outside in the first place, feel free to have them get caught up in the sudden panicking this'll cause on the school grounds in general.]

Silent night, Holy Shit!

Crisp and cold, by four thirty, when school was out, the night sky had darkened. Anemic starlight struggled to push through the Tokyo fog.

A large and generically decorated Christmas tree sat centered in front of the school. A thin ring of charity presents was spread around the base. Among the bulk-purchased lights and tinsel, something else had moved in though.

Resembling nothing more than weird squashes on vines, the Bobbies had, within the space of a couple hours, spread over the whole tree. They were a rhizome organism, a rapacious alien pest plant, sweet smelling but a killer to crops. Luckily for the tree, it was dead. The lights didn't fare so well though: Where they touched the roots they were overtaken and broken. The tree showed signifigant dark patches and they were slowly but steadily growing towards the star at the top.

Naturally, Megumi Hisakawa called her Alien Party out.

But the piney depths of the tree concealed more than one type of alien...

My First Class: Babybook Edition

Sitting at his desk with his legs propped up, enjoying the sight of his classroom. The setting was the classic classroom scheme, except for the walls being riddled with pieces of paper that just had an exclamation point on them. The students should be filing into his room soon and he can begin his lesson... if he had one. He was still working on that part, since he spent his time since he got to school putting up the flyers.

"Man, I better come up with somethin' quick...."